New Internet WooCommerce Hobby & Work

Internet Shopping

What a great year it has been so far. As always, I have been observing the world of hobbies but as well creating ones for myself. Funny enough, even though usually I am an outdoor guy.. this time I have been dwelling into the inner world of computers. Not just because of my own pleasure, and hobby. But because I need to make a living just like all of us. But it doesn’t mean that I cannot combine fun and passion with my work. In fact, I have been hard on principle which is that everything in life should be like a hobby. Well, almost everything (hello to my wife :D).

So, the road has been quiet straight forward. I was looking for something to sell online, and I managed to combine my speciality of knowing just about anything related to outdoor gear with the internet. This then in return, lead me to a popular internet shopping software known as WooCommerce. As of lately, I have purchased the best plugin for WordPress to manage WooCommerce permalinks and optimize the SEO of the new site. I must say, that when I started all this I was not so sure what I was getting into it. But as it has been with most wild things I have done in my life, the same idea of just letting your self goe has worked here too. Meaning, that it was better not to know too much what was ahead of me in the future. As you can see I haven’t been very active with the blog as time has been flying. I can’t believe that it has been such a long time already, a total of sixth months or more of active study. And the permalinks stuff was just the tip of the iceberg!

Now I am looking forward to expanding the WooCommerce experience in ways that would optimize the whole shopping experience. For this, I a very happy to have found great people and friends who are fanatic enough to go into depth discussion with me. I really love those people who can be passionate about something as crazy as WordPress, a technological marvel that you have to be careful with. And why I say so you may ask? Well, it’s simply because such a powerful tool with such tremendously powerful plugins is easy to get lost into. There is more to life than just computers, technology and indoors. Yes, there is the other side of the world too well known as the outdoors!

Wish me luck!

Long time no see,
Ireneo Fanucci

New Extreme Acrobatic Hobby in Beijing!

Performing Acrobatic Motorcycle Cage Feat in Beijing

Perhaps most of my dear readers have never heard of any kind of motorcycle gangs, or other motorcycle hobbyists in China. I have however been aware of such a culture in China for a long time, and can tell you that is is quite loud, extreme and alive indeed!

Yet knowing that acrobatics are rather extreme in China, and especially in Beijing. I still questioned if the legend of the “Motorcycle Cage” feat was true or not. It just sounded too good to be true, especially when I started reading more about it and the history behind the creation of the stunt. Indeed, the responsible were these motorcycle gangs, who as a hobby started mastering a unique trick inside a massive metal cage.

The name of the game, was to fit as many motorcyclists with their bikes inside the same cage and circle around it in simultaneous motion. Thus, avoiding collision with a very small distance that needed to keep at all times while rotating around it. It got to the point that this hobby became almost like a drug to these people, and so that was just not enough and there needed to be something more, something totally unique that no one could think of. And soon enough the true essence of the motorcycle cage was found, at night. Yes, I know it sounds unbelievable and also I did not believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. The whole stunt became a huge show in the end, since no such thing had been seen in the world.

This is of course, the story from many years back. And only recently, the beginning of this year I believe the stunt arrive to the acrobatic scene. A nation known and extremely famous the Flying Acrobatic Show Beijing in Chaoyang District was one of the first acrobatic venues to adopt the motorcycle cage trick to their repertoire. So naturally I head in this way to see it for myself, and there it was. Of course I had to go through the whole, long and sometimes agonising suspension of the show. Only at the very end of the Chaoyang Theatre performance, would they close down the curtains for a moment. The smoke machines started emitting a thick smog that made it unclear about what was about to happen. Then in the the mids of the confusion, the curtains we’re lifted again and as if by some miracle a huge cage had appeared to the large stage platform.

At that point everyone knew, that it was time. Because naturally most people who had come to see the show, especially the Chinese were fully aware that this trick was going to be performed. One of the most incredible things I experienced, was that for the first time in my life I saw a huge crowd of mostly Chinese spectators who were silent in awe. Not the slightest sound could be heard from the crowd once the curtain was lifted. This moment only lasted for a while, but an important as such. Then music game on and the whole ordeal started to swing off.

One by one, motorcyclists appeared to the stage and entered the cage escorted by beautiful women with brilliant clothes. The crowd had become very loud at this point, including myself as I was filled with excitement. It seems as if it would never stop, as if they could fit an unlimited amount of motorcycles in that cage. Just when you thought that this had to be the last one, there was more and more. It stopped at about dozen, and at this point the stunt was getting extremely dangerous. But of course, the highlight was yet to come, which was the turning off the lights. We could only see the head lights of the motorcycles that were turned on. Other than that, it felt like they were guided by some incredible spirit to be able to navigate beautifully without collision. So that was it, the breathtaking moment which ended the whole acrobatic show there. It was worth it only for this event, to come to Beijing.

Naturally I wanted to come as soon as possible to tell everyone and my dear blog readers about what I saw and the proof (picture above). But I have to say it took some time digesting it. Probably from all the acrobatic shows that I have talked about so far, this one I would recommend the most. So head on to Beijing and you will never be the same again.

With pleasure to introduce a world of hobbies to my readers,
And sincere regards,
Ireneo Fanucci

Is Having a Pet a Hobby?

Cute Rabbit

Even though we at hobby hall (HH), discuss all kinds of different hobbies.. there seems to be no limit to the range of things that we can cover. I think humans have pretty much made a hobby out of anything they could imagine. Even having a pet is now considered a hobby. But that kind of struck me when I really gave it a though as to why people though that.

For me personally, pets are like the cute rabbit in the picture above, are more like living companions. Someone I care and love for because we share the same habitat. To think of it as a hobby, I would need to use it in some way. Of course, some people take their dogs our for a walk, or jogging. But doesn’t that just mean that walking or jogging are their hobbies. At least that’s the way I would look at things and take owning a pet as more of a life style kind of issue.

Then it struck me again! I realised, that since pets are living things. They could also have their own hobbies, that was really funny to think about. In a way, it made perfect sense. Rather than having a pet as a hobby, it would be much more sensical that the pet itself would have a hobby of their own. For example, having strolls, eating, sleeping and catching mice. Now that sounds like a good hobbyist life style for me!

So next time you consider living things as your past time, consider how those very “living things” are actually using you and sharing your living space with you. It’s not really a hobby is it! =)

W. Love,
Ireneo Fanucci

A Male Look Into Horse Riding

horse riding

As promised more posts, hooray! Sorry to have you kept waiting. Well, in fact I’ve been busy having found with my hobbies as usual. No surprise there!!

I have never been interested in horse riding, until I just recently tried it out. I could say it’s amazing. Looks boring, but there are a lot of things you have to realise and think about when you ride a horse. You have to build a connection with an animal and work together. That became a very interesting experience in my life.

And not just interesting, but also beautiful. I went to the beach to do it.. No forrest.. just the wind blowing and riding a beautiful horse with beautiful scenery. It was absolutely fantastic and I would say to all the guys out there that don’t think.. just try it out. You won’t regret it!

Horse riding is perhaps one of those underestimated hobbies, amongst many men.

Best wishes,


Temple of Heaven Tour to See Morning Exercise in Beijing

Chinese people have a lot of hobbies, and healthy ones too. One of them being exercise. If you have never been to China before, I can tell you that in the cities you not only find numerous parks where kids can play but just as many places for doing exercise. Such exercise parks are filled with all kinds of simple devices for doing exercise and training different parts of the body. It’s really everywhere, and the Chinese love using these things.

One of the beautiful examples introduced to us by a Beijing Tour that we recently were on, was the morning exercise at the temple of heaven. To see it, you have to go there very early in the morning. This is a huge park right in the middle of Beijing, adjacent to a tremendously historical and beautiful temple, known as the Temple of Heaven.

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven

Here is a picture of the magnificent temple it self. Most tours don’t dare to miss this highlight of the city, which serves thousand of tourists every day. All this, for a reason. Not just the historical significance, but the majestic beauty that it keeps in its ancient spirit from the times of the emperor.

Temple of Heaven Entrance

Temple of Heaven Entrance

Our tour led us to this small entrance to the park itself. The striking beauty of this small entranceway is even greater, because of the huge size of the park.

Temple of Heaven Morning Exercise

Temple of Heaven Morning Exercise

And finally, when we arrived to the destination we could see so many Chinese locals doing all kinds of different hobbies, exercises. Anything from any game you could imagine, to just people sitting around and chatting. Also I saw some extremely skilful people, who could do tricks on the exercise poles. The atmosphere of the park is filled with the clean air.

Thanks to May Tours for this beautiful tour and experience. Now we know what “hobby” means to the dear people in China.

PS. Sorry it took so long to post. I hope our readers will stay tuned for more!

Thank you.

Chinese Acrobatics At Classic Extreme

Huxi Grand Theatre

As a person who loves acrobatics, I bumped into another fantastic show of classic proportions in Shanghai. The performance at Huxi is another talented attempt to brush up old Chinese tradition and make it into something entertaining and skilful to the extreme.

I simply love the aspiration of the Chinese, who are dedicated in reviving their customs, traditions including acrobatics. Known as the Huxi Grand Theatre is not the biggest of venues but the size of the spirits contained within the act certainly compensates for it. You won’t find any English text in front of the building, which means, that this won’t be just another touristic venue. Locals come here to enjoy a good evening, it’s not a one time thing.

The theatre is used for many occasions and the shows there are just the occasional treat. If your in Shanghai and want to see a special acrobatic show, that will leave you impressed. Why not try the one at Huxi!

Standing Up On The Snowboard and Olympics


Now with Sochi Olympics over, I am left feeling nostalgic about all the wonderful winter spots are we could observe. One of them that was under my personal spotlight is snowboarding. Previous olympics had it too, but only recently the olympic level has reached an all time high.

As an old snowboarder as my hobby, I know how amazingly difficult sport it is. Just like most other sports in the olympics, this one requires hard training since early childhood. Before these people were less, but nowadays there are plenty of people who have been born with a snowboard in their mouths.. hands.. which ever :)

Those who wish to undertake the sport as a hobby, prepare to have a soar ass from all the falling. From experience I can say that the first time is never really that good.. you just keep falling without understanding how to stand up. Looking up to other “cool snowboarders” helps you to overcome this. Hopefully that is.

So you need to be prepared to spend plenty of money to resort tickets and keep on at it.. the second time you do it you are ready to stand up with the board. Good luck and have fun!

Fascination for Acrobatics in Shanghai

I’ve always had a fascination for Chinese acrobatics because it could be considered as the birthplace of this ancient art form. When amazing tricks are joined together with old wisdom a beautiful show is created. To make the perfect setting you need China to provide an old acrobatic theatre with it’s air filled with mysticism and history.

On my many visits to China I’ve had the pleasure to visit some of these mind blowing performances. My knowledge is mainly limited to Shanghai but I can definitely recommend some great places to go there.

Shanghai Centre Theatre

First stop is Shanghai Centre Theatre which has the oldest acrobatic troupe in the city known as Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe. A historical troupe comes with a lot of new surprises and a modern theatre building. It’s great to see Chinese acrobatic can evolve while maintaining some historical aspects. The performance in Shanghai Centre certainly proves us that the Chinese can lead the future of such a globally vast show business.

Shanghai Circus World

If one more show deserves mentioning here it has to be Shanghai Circus World which is probably one of the most popular venues. The show here used to feature lions and some really classic stuff which is now all gone. But all the profit is being put to use and the show has lifted itself up to make the biggest spectacle in the city.

It’s good to note that historically Chinese acrobatics has been street performance, so such huge shows are not that traditional. But many visitors have taking a liking and this stuff doesn’t fail to entertain!

The Thrill of Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing is not the favorite of sports but equally not many have even bothered to try it out. Anyone who likes snow and walking, will probably like this sport too. Perhaps the most difficult aspect is finding a good location and a ready made track.

Making up your own tracks is not so enjoyable, especially for beginners. But views, such as a stunning beautiful landscape is import to enjoy it. Unless your doing it for the sports, you’ll be a maniac and like it anywhere.

The other thing is the gear.. which is not as expensive as slope skiing itself, but can prevent one from trying it out. So my advice would be to head out to some beautiful ski resort, far far away where you can rent out your cross country skies. This is the only way you will find out if you like it or not.

You need time.. and once time is on your side, you are ready to let go and enjoy a warm exercise and a healthy mind. Life just tastes better after a good ski season. If you are in for a splur, you might even rent out a cabin for this. This way you might even get your wife to tag along!

Dedication of Chinese Theatre Opera

This is a hobby to the extreme.. such extremes that training the art takes a dedicated of life to master. A dedication so strict that one ordinarily receives beatings while training it. A dedication so enduring that there is hardly any free time left. A dedication so deep that it takes you to the historical roots of China.

Beijing Opera

This dedication is known as Peking Opera. One of the most historical venues, such that have mastered the performing art to it’s furthest end is the prevalent Liyuan Theatre venue. The theater itself is located in “Qianmen Jianguo Hotel” which is even older than the theater itself. To stay at this hotel will bring together a Beijing opera experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Liyuan Theater

The opera is so popular, that people from many countries have come to learn the art to the heart of where it all started. Right in the Xuanwu District of Beijing is where the best training is happening. But not all foreigners can take part in the training.. and some of those who are selected sometimes give up.

Liyuan Theatre

The legendary beating however is not as bad as it sounds. It is more of a reminder for the actors to stay focused and sharp throughout the performance. As soon as skill starts to show results the show starts to show it’s true nature. Inside lies laughter, music and most importantly beauty. All these qualities blossom in a way that takes you to the roots beyond the republic, which is a time that did not allow the blossoming of Peking Opera. Going deeper to the historical roots have blown the minds of many and brought a deeper understand of China. Something that even some of the local population have forgotten.

Opera in Beijing

But luckily also inside the country, Opera still plays an extremely important role and is still popular, even within the young population.

Peking Opera

You may also visit the Liyuan Theatre website in Chinese.